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Misuto Network Rules

All of the rules listed below are active and can be changed at any time. Please refer back to this page to stay up to date. Members, Sponsors and Moderators of Misuto are not exempt from these rules and if they are found to be breaking any of the rules they will be punished. The rules mentioned below apply to Misuto as a whole [Minecraft, Forums & TeamSpeak].

It is forbidden to use an alternate account to bypass a punishment [mute, jail and ban]. If you are caught breaking this rule your previous punishment will be extended and your alternate account will be dealt with.

Respect ALL Staff Members

Please respect all of the Staff Team and the decisions that they make. If you have a problem with the way a staff member has dealt with a problem or they are abusing you or someone else, we advise that you contact either an Administrator or a Moderator on the forums via a private message.

If you see a staff member in any of our games please refrain from targeting them, particularly in games such as SkyWars when a match has just begun. We want all of our Staff Team to enjoy their time on the server as they contribute a lot of their time in helping improve gameplay, the community and much more!

Respect YouTubers

YouTubers will hopefully become the centre of attention when they record on our server. We ask that when you’re playing against them that you treat them like any other player. You will treat them well and compete fairly when going against each other [this means no ganging up or targeting them]. If you act otherwise you may discourage them from uploading or streaming content on our server.

We encourage that you play with/against them and allowing them to produce good quality content that everyone can enjoy!

Respect ALL Players

Since 99.9% of the players on our network are not bots, we expect that you will treat every player with respect and dignity. We ask that you be respectful to the members of our server when waiting in lobbies, playing mini games, replying to someone on the forums or talking on our Teamspeak. Please refrain from being rude, offensive, discriminatory or generally hurting other players feelings.

To put it all simply, we will NOT allow any of the following:

  • Being racist
  • Being sexist
  • Offending people because of their age
  • Devaluing someone who has a disability
  • Discriminating a Religion
  • Anything else that is deemed inappropriate by a moderator

Speaking in another language on Misuto is permitted and is encouraged however the rules still apply and any form of swearing, disrespect etc in another language will be dealt with the same. When approaching a staff member who speaks English it is recommended that you respond back in English although it is not required.

Account Responsibility

As a player of Misuto you have full responsibility over your Minecraft, Forum and TeamSpeak accounts. Please keep them safe and secure. If an account has broken a rule then that specific account with be punished. No questions asked!


Advertising other servers on Misuto will result in a permanent ban from the entire network! Examples consist of sharing IP’s or a website other than Misuto itself in public chat, via pet names and on the forums. You can however send hostnames and IP addresses to friends via a message or your factions chat as this is the only exception.

We also do not tolerate advertising our network on other servers. If caught, you will be punished in the same manor of which those who advertise on our servers would. It not only gives us a bad image, but it is also against the rules on almost every large Minecraft network.

Posting your YouTube or streaming channel is a hard topic to cover, however we ask that when posting something on the forums to keep your links subtle and discrete. If you have the YouTuber rank for recording purposes then you are exempt from these terms under the condition that you are still modest in the way you display your links.


Spamming anywhere on our network is not allowed. Posting the same or a similar message one after the other or in a space of a few seconds is considered spam and you will be punished. The use of hashtags or any other similar encourages spam and is therefore not permitted on our network. Specifically any forums post or thread that is spammed will get your account/content removed.


Inappropriate language is not tolerated. All language spoken is to be appropriate for younger children as our goal is to provide a clean environment to play in. The naming of pets with inappropriate language also falls under this rule and will not be tolerated. Using inappropriate language on the forums will also cause your post/thread to either be edited to something suitable or simply removed.


Using a modified client is extremely forbidden. Modifications that give an advantage or improve the way a player is controlled is against the rules. If you are caught using a client that is not allowed you will receive a permanent ban from our network and/or all of your stats will be reset.

Modifications that are allowed:

  • Visual. e.g Shaders, Resource packs [including sound]
  • Performance enhancing for FPS increases. e.g. Optifine
  • Minimaps, Sprinting
  • and More!

Modifications that are NOT allowed:

  • [Combat] Aim Bot, Kill Aura, Anti Knockback, Fast Bow etc.
  • [Blocks] Auto Mine, Place, or Build, Fast Mine and Place etc.
  • [Players] Derp, Fast Eat, Jerk, No Swing, Sneak etc.
  • [Movement] Flight, Jet Pack, Speed etc.
  • [World] Xray, ore finders/radar, minimaps that reveal hidden ores

In general, if a mod provides an advantage in mining, pvp, farming, building, movement, or player state or statistics, which is not possible in a vanilla client with the vanilla resource pack, it is not permitted, no matter what. Cheating is not allowed.


If you happen to find a bug or a glitch please report them on the forums or contact any of our Staff Team. Purposely exploiting these bugs will result in a punishment. One of the most serious cases of exploitation is duplicating items, if you are found to be duplicating ANY item you will be permanently banned. No exceptions! Note: Cobble generators are allowed and all types of farming [cactus, sugar cane etc] are allowed to be automatically harvested, collected and stored.

If you obtain any illegal items and are caught with them you will be punished! Items include and is not limited to:

  • Bedrock
  • Water & Lava source [block]
  • Sponge
  • Fire
  • Command block, and Minecart
  • Portal block
  • Spawn eggs [Not-obtainable through the store]

Selling Accounts & Items

When you buy a rank on Misuto we ask that you commit to keeping your account, the rank is yours and yours alone. You are not permitted to transfer it to another person, or another account. As you probably know Misuto has its own store, this is used for buying ranks and items. We encourage members to buy ranks or items either for themselves or each other. Note: Buying a rank for another player and trading in-game items is allowed.

You’re NOT permitted to do the following:

  • Sell in-game items for real money [$ USD].
  • Lie about buying a rank for a player and scamming them for their in-game items.

DDoSing and Doxing

Denial of service or more formally know as DoS/DDoS is an attack in which someone is attempting to take a network/router offline. In the United Kingdom, USA and other countries it is considered a federal crime and you may receive up to 10 years imprisonment. If you’re found to be responsible for an attack on our network or a member of our community you will be punished severely and will result in a permanent ban from our entire network.

Sharing of any personally identifiable information is also strictly forbidden. Any information obtained from social media or other sources is to be kept private and not made public. If anyone is found to be creating or sharing such documents they will be permanently banned from our entire network also.


As a regular member of Misuto we ask that you try and help the community as much as possible. Creating tips/tricks, guides and answering questions are all positive things that will help improve the community. As a general rule however when it comes to something a staff member needs to take control of please leave it up to them. Staff members should always be spread out on all available servers on peak times, in the case that a moderator isn’t in your game and you are experiencing some difficulty i.e. a hacker, you’re stuck etc. you can easily record the evidence and post it on our forums.

Staff jobs include, but is not limited to:

  • Denying an application
  • Commanding a player to stop breaking a rule i.e Swearing, spamming, being rude, etc.


If a member is asking something simple like “How do I join a game?”, “How do I buy/sell stuff?” or “Where is the store?” feel free to advise them on their question. If you’re uncertain on an answer and you feel like you really need to say something please don’t, it is better that the player goes away not knowing the answer than leaving and being confused.


Since the addition of Minecraft account name changes the opportunity to impersonate another person i.e YouTubers is now possible and is more likely to occur. We strongly encourage that you stay up to date with your favourite YouTubers and friends so that there is no confusion.

Name changes are a very welcome change and we fully support your choice in changing your name. Please keep in mind that all of the server rules still apply in that inappropriate names will be masked to an acceptable name.

Server Specific


As a sponsor you may receive permission to have special commands and we ask that you be respectful with these and not to abuse them. This includes flying, teleporting while moving etc.

The following is NOT allowed:

  • Flying in combat, to catch someone or away from a fight.
  • Teleporting away or disconnecting from a possible combat situation.

A command so simple as /tpa can also be abused. Making player traps that disable another players freedom to attack or move toward you upon arrival are not allowed and you will be punished. The easiest way for the player to get into trouble is by recording the trap and the players name clearly. This may be hard to execute but is vital evidence since no other member can get to you while you’re in combat. With the addition of a spectator plugin moderators can now teleport to you and assist you by punishing the player/s involved.

Removed ** If you wish to trade with someone on Factions we ask for you not to scam the other trader. We wish that the community can trust each other and have positive relations when trading. Anyone that is caught scamming will be jailed or temporarily banned accordingly. ** Removed


When playing any game of SkyWars you’re advised not to boost in any way, shape or form. Player or point boosting consists of 2 or more players dying or killing one another to gain easy and fast points. Any player/s that are caught breaking this rule will have their points reset. Think wisely before you boost yourself or another player as once your stats have been removed they’re not going to be added back.

When planning on joining a game of SkyWars please commit yourself to the whole entire time. We ask for you not to leave before or after a match has begun. If you are in combat with someone and you’re about to die, please do not leave the game. This ruins the fun for the player attacking you and shows that you have a poor spirit when playing the game.



To ensure that all of the threads are new and relevant we ask that you take notice of the most recent comments and in particular the date that they were submitted. As a general consensus try to refrain from dragging old neglected posts to the top of the “New Posts” section. The timeframe that we wish you stick within is anything newer than 2 weeks from the last post.


As a general rule we ask that you refrain from tagging any of the Misuto Staff as much as possible. There is a very high chance that one of our staff members will see your thread or post and will attend to it if necessary. Staff members do not need to be alerted at everyone's beck and call. Note: Tagging a staff member who is already in a thread is not required as they will receive an alert from a new comment.


To prevent inappropriate or offensive pictures being displayed by all users on our forums we have created a few guidelines that you need to follow.

Photos that include any of the following:

  • Nudity, sexual images or anything that is classified as pornography.
  • Illegal items such as drugs.
  • Violence, racism or any of the rules regarding respect.
  • Photos that are not actually of yourself. i.e. a celebrity, member, or any other person.


In order to prevent users creating huge/long signatures we have put in place a few guidelines. In some cases if you do not follow the guidelines you will be messaged by a staff member and failure to agree to their request you will be punished accordingly.

The signature height limit has been locked at 200px, this will result in your picture being cut off and will not display your full image. The entire editable space is 200px high so any text above or below an image of 200px will result in the lower portion of your signature to be cut off.

If you feature a link in your signature we ask that you exclude viruses, cookies and any phishing websites. If you feel like featuring your own social media profile you are permitted to do so while following all other rules related to this. i.e not impersonating someone. We ask for you not to include GIF’s thats contain fast moving objects or lights as this may cause harm to another user.


On the forums we only allow one account per user, if you have other siblings that also wish to use our forums then please contact us before hand so we can allow them.

You are allowed as many minecraft accounts as you want.



The following rules that are listed below are specific to the TeamSpeak. All of the other rules still apply on here and you will be punished if you break any of them.

  • Impersonating another player, staff member or celebrity is not permitted..
  • Using offensive or inappropriate names will result in a temporary ban.
  • Playing loud music or any audio file is forbidden unless you have a private channel [Music Channel] and/or all of the players agree to it.
  • Recording someones voice without their permission/staff permission is forbidden in all circumstances. Note: In some countries it is illegal to record someone's voice without their consent [do this at your own risk].
  • Annoying, yelling or being bad behaved will not be permitted.
  • Switching channels causing audio spam on someone else’s end will not be permitted.
  • Treat staff members with respect and do not annoy them.

All of the punishments will start off small and will increase accordingly. If you end up being permanently banned in some cases you may also be banned from our entire network.

Here is how the punishment/s usually play out:

  • A Warning
  • Kick [with an explanation to the other players]
  • Mute [10 minutes - 12 hours]
  • Temporary ban [1-12 hours]
  • Permanent Ban [with an explanation why]



While spectating another person you're only permitted to use the spectator tools that have been given to you.

You are permitted to:

  • Fly around.
  • Check for illegal items in player chests.
  • Open players inventories to check their items & player effects.

You are forbidden to do any of the following:

  • Take note of the coordinates so you can come back later for your own personal gain, i.e. combat or raiding.
  • Check what is in a chest before you blow it up.

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If you have a problem with any of the rules or you have a recommendation feel free to contact any of the Misuto Staff Team and they will either forward your concern/s or deal with the matter themselves.

Thank you for being apart of this awesome community and staying out of trouble!