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Whoever builds the best elytra platform for my use, the best looking with the best view and the best glide route and a good glide time will receive 1 free name colour of their choice. Competition ends 22/12/2016 !!!
What is wrong with you guys? These forums are meant to be a positive fun place for you guys to chill and have fun and talk while you wait for the server, it is NOT intended for you to bring all of your crap from SC onto here. SC has nothing to do with here, I left SC OVER a year ago I have no affiliations with it and it has no meaning to me.

You had a problem with someone on SC or SS? Well, your problems gone it doesn't exist here. You either like them and get along or you don't comment on it. You think someones a suck up? That's nice. But do YOU really think that I the person who picked an entire staff team without even looking at an application need you to tell me when someone is sucking up? You think i'm so naive as to not see a suck up? Every time you post on somebodies profile or their forums post or anything on this forums and you call them a suck up or say they are just doing these things for mod you are not insulting them, you are insulting me. You are believing yourselves better than me at my own job to not see when someone is doing that. Now if you remember me are you sure insulting me is the right course of action for you?

You still want to argue with that person? That's nice, there's a nice long bar at the bottom where you can open a private chat window with them and argue with them in private instead of annoying me and the rest of the staff with your pre-pubescent self centered crap.

If you are trying to warn me of something that happened on another server, I don't care. This server is all about NEW beginnings not about someones past being forced into their present so that they can never get past it. This server is not a toxic one, this is a fun new server and you will be new people with new outlooks or you will deal with me. Are we quite clear?

Enjoy! Download link is in the video description

WARNING you may want to remove the automatic item and armour fixing and bind it to a key such as "f" as it may kick you for command spam
So, to wet the appetite, I'll post screenies & little updates in this thread

Merry Christmas everyone!