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Sometimes in life there will be disappointments, sometimes in life there will be mistakes, sometimes in life there will be delays. All of these things are things that we need to live with and adjust too, normal things. We can't live our lives expecting everything to go right the first time, for thing's to always go our way because in reality it won't. Life is unexpected and incredible and horrible and beautiful, every word you can use to describe something, that is life, if you look at the wonders around you and take a moment to see everything in its complexity, or even if you look at it at it's simplest form, life, the world, is beautiful. Something everyone has to remember is, not everyone is going to be around to see that world for as long as we are, there are many things that can take people from us depriving them of the ability to see that beauty and that should only encourage you to see the worlds beauty even more and appreciate it for them. Even if you yourself have never lost someone just imagine if you did, someone important, and try to live in such a way that would make them see the beauty in you.


Of course though, this thread is called the fundamentals of Misuto, not the beauty of the world, I just thought I would share my thought's on that subject. Now Misuto was created as something for the staff to work on and enjoy. But not only...

I want to start by describing to you our staff team on the upper level, developer and above.

Yonda, (UniverseKing) - Owner - . I have a lot of experience working in Minecraft servers, i'm currently continuing with college doing an electrical installations course, this is my 4th course and I intend to use the skills I've learned to do property development. I am also lazy, but I am willing to do the work to deliver you with a good server.

Gold, (Genius) - Owner - . Honestly I consider myself pretty smart, but I am nothing compared to this man, the amount of knowledge he has is incredible, and it's not garbage knowledge like a lot of people have, it's useful knowledge that can be applied to things, and to top it all of he applies wisdom to his knowledge far beyond his years. He is one of the best men I have ever known.

Josh, (Big scrub) - Owner - . There's a lot of things I can say about josh, from his hyperactivity to his stubbornness but what I can say is that at the end of the day even though it may take a little longer than usual and he may get sidetracked along the way but I do at least know I can rely on him.

Kat, (Midget) - Admin, head of staff - . Well, there's a lot I want to say about Kat but I won't but what I will tell you is you will never meet someone more virtuous and trustworthy than her, she treats those around her fairly even if she doesn't even like them, and she will always do what's best for everyone. That's why she is...
So theres not much to report, do you guys think I should just do these when I actually have something to say or keep telling you theres nothing to report on a sunday?
Work going at a generally meh pace, gonna be honest, team is having issues. Not going to go into it.
Work is going onward with ranks still being balanced out and ensuring EULA is compliant, that is really the difficult task, intergrating a way to keep the server self sustaining while complying with EULA as well as international law. We are doing our best <3
Was my birthday on the 20th, im old now. Anyway, progress is going ok, main dev is still re-acclimating from his illness.
Main dev had some health issues, on the mend, should have exciting news soon..ish.
Generally the same, our progress got stopped due to sickness and being burnt out on the work needing a break.
Currently the stage we are at is testing through plugins, ensuring they all work fully and have no memory leaks or things as such, as well as this we are testing perms for the default rank ensuring you will have the right perms and also deciding on ideas for ranks and packages. There has also been work done on crates and we are generally having to be a lot more careful with what we do because of the EULA. Thank you for your patience.